Davidson's Mains Dramatic Club
Productions 1943 - 1995

1943 Dear Octopus
Quiet Wedding
1973 Eden End
Philadelphia, Here I Come
1944 Robert's Wife
Passing Brompton Road
1974 The Enquiry
Woman in a Dressing Gown
1945 The Corn is Green
Blithe Spirit
1975 Life with Father
The Curious Savage
1946 Rebecca
Jupiter Laughs
1976 Playgoers (One Act
The Golden Key (One Act)
A Letter from the General
Ladies in Retirement
1947 Quiet Week-end
1977 Villa for Sale (One Act)
The Chalk Garden
Johnnie Cockatoo (One Act)
Farewell, Farewell Eugene
Boeing, Boeing
1948 Pink String & Sealing Wax
Fools Rush In
Master Dudley (One Act)
1978 The Faithful Widow of Ephesus (One Act)
Dukes and Fairies (One Act)
Lord Arthur Saville's Crime
The Life of Hercules Page 1 (One Act)
Match Play
We'll Get on Famously (One Act)
Wait Until Dark
1949 The Winslow Boy
Unto the End (One Act)
Arms and the Man
1979 The Gatecrasher (One Act)
The Lass Wi the Mickle Mou
Relatively Speaking
The School for Scandal
1950 The Sacred Flame
Uncle Harry
The Red Velvet Goat' (One Act)
1980 Pound on Demand (One Act)
Sganarelle (One Act)
The Winslow Boy
The Twelve Pound Look (One Act)
Barefoot in the Park
Hobson's Choice
1951 Present Laughter
The Flower of Strathern (One Act)
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Fish (One Act)
1981 Nothing Legal (One Act)
Suddenly at Home
The Amazed Evangelist (One Act)
A Doll's House
1952 The Cure for Love
The Anniversary (One Act)
What Every Woman Knows
A Doll's House
1982 The Fish (One Act)
Blithe Spirit
The Importance of Being Ernest
1953 St Patrick's Day (One Act)
My Sister Eileen
The Masque of Edinburgh
Triple Playbill
And So To Bed
1983 The Anniversary (One Act)
Fumed Oak (One Act)
Whose Life Is It Anyway?
Out of the Crocodile
The Matchmaker
1954 Possession (One Act)
Captain Carvallo
1984 Playgoers (One Act)
One Month to Pay (or the Sailor's Return) (One Act)
The Day After the Fair
The Secretary Bird
Portrait of Murder
1955 You Can't Take It With You
The Heiress
1985 A Sense of the Ridiculous (One Act)
Gosforth's Fete (One Act)
Dangerous Corner
Where There's a Wife
Dandy Dick
1956 Ring Round The Moon
A Kinf of Glory (One Act)
Witness for the Prosecution
Rehab (One Act)
1986 Love Lingers On (One Act)
Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded (One Act)
Bedroom Farce
My Friend Miss Flint
The Anatomist
1957 Berkley Square
Still Life & Harlequinade
1987 Ring Around the Moon
Night Must Fall
When We Are Married
1958 The Happy Marriage
The Shadow of Doubt
The Skin Game
1988 Rookery Nook
Table Manners
Murder on the Nile
1959 The Man Who Came to Dinner
Pillars of the Community
1989 Arms and the Man
Not Now Darling
The Anniversary
1960 Waters of the Moon
Don't Listen Ladies
Ladies in Retirement
1990 And a Nightingale Sang
Look No Hans
The Lights Are Warm and Coloured
1961 The Imaginary Invalid
The Living Room
End and Beginning (One Act)
1991 Semi-Detached
The Exorcism
The Farndale Townswomen's Guild Murder Mystery
1962 The Noble Spaniard
The Cave Dwellers
Villa for Sale
1992 The Heiress
Round and Round the Garden
Servant of Two Masters
1963 Farewell, Farewell Eugene
The Corn is Green
1993 Driven to Murder
Bedside Manners
Hay Fever
1964 Love for Love
When We Are Married
1994 The Edge of darkness
Where There's a Wife
84 Charing Cross Road
1965 Hay Fever
My Three Angels
1995 The Glass Menagerie
1966 Dear Charles
The House by the Lake
1967 Sailor Beware
The Circle
1968 The Iron Harp
Good Night Mrs Puffin
1969 Milestones
The Lopotkin Inheritance
1970 Every Other Evening
She Stoops to Conquer
1971 Spring And Port Wine
The Anniversary (One Act)
Waltz of the Toreadors
Ah! Wilderness
1972 Billy Liar
Arsenic and Old Lace