The Edinburgh Makars present

Amy's View  by David Hare

at the Royal Scots Club in the Festival Fringe

The Play

Originally produced  in 1979 at the National Theatre in London, David Hare's well-crafted play operates at many levels. It is partly a study of a mother - daughter relationship, partly a plea for the virtues of live theatre, partly a tragedy revolving round the difficulty of making amends with those we need to. It has funny moments and builds to a dramatic climax. David Hare himself said that his aim was "to put modern women's lives on the stage in a way which I hope women might recognise."  In the original production, the part of Esme was played by Judi Dench and in the 2006 revival by Felicity Kendall.

The Cast

Amy Thomas is a young woman, just twenty-three at the start of the play, who is the daughter of Esme Allen. She is "dark haired with an unmistakable air of quiet resolution." She created a small publication when she was a girl called Amy's View. She is in a relationship with Dominic.

Esme Allen is Amy's mother and a prominent West end actress. She is forty-nine at the start of the play, and is "surprisingly small, her manner both sensitive and intense. Something in her vulnerability makes people instantly protective of her." She constantly butts heads with Dominic, and has an interesting relationship with Frank.

Dominic Tyghe is Amy's boyfriend (or husband, depending on the moment of the play). He is a year younger than Amy, and quite attractive. He is an orphan, having never known his parents, and aspires to be a successful filmmaker.

Frank Oddie is one of Esme's neighbors, as well as a commissioning agent for Lloyd's of London. He looks after Esme's investments and other financial matters. He is "in his early fifties, easy going and amiable," and he is desperate to marry Esme, who continues to refuse him year after year.

velyn Thomas is Esme's mother in law, Amy's grandma. She is "white haired, in her late seventies," and lives with Esme. She becomes increasingly decrepit - both physically and mentally - throughout the play.

Toby Cole is a young actor in his twenties who works in a production with Esme at the end of the play.

The play covers a period of 16 years from 1979 to 1995 so the main actors must subtly change their manner and appearance during the play.


When: Thursday 7th March 7:30pm

Where: The Edinburgh Makars Clubrooms (13 Brunswick Street Lane, Edinburgh, EH7 5JG)

If you cannot attend the audition date and would like to be involved, or are interested in helping backstage, please email


There will be an initial read through on Tuesday 9th April

Rehearsals proper will start early in May, initially two evenings per week, increasing to three as the performance gets closer. While the normal pattern is Tuesdays, Thursdays and later Sundays as well, we can choose different days if this would suit the cast better.

Technical/ Dress Rehearsal: Sunday 18th August
Performance dates: Monday 19th  – Saturday 24th August


Director: Martin Burnell

If you are cast in the play, and you are not already a member of The Edinburgh Makars, you will need to join. Membership fee 28.